About Us

About Me

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm Mitsuko Ono, a creative designer based in Japan that dabbles in Augmented Reality and Art. 

mono is derived from my name but it is also a word that directly translates to "things" in Japanese. mono is a personal project of mine in which I share to you both the digital and physical products of my imagination.


Our Products

Some products are imbued with Augmented Reality features but my catalog doesn't stop there. In the near future, you may also find a collection of items ranging from handmade accessories to sculpted artworks. Each product on this site is designed and crafted with care and a touch of the extraordinary.


Our Vision

My goal is just to continue creating something I like and enjoy doing whether it be in digital or physical form and share it with other people with the same interests.


Whether you're here for the AR experience or simply in search of something unique and creative, I'm glad you took the time to explore this place. Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something that speaks to you.